Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold. If you were ever a Girl Scout, you might recognize this saying. Before I went to college, I didn’t realize how true it was.


After high school, people usually go their separate ways. My friends went to universities all across New England, with some staying in New Hampshire, some going to Massachusetts, some to Maine. Only one of my friends left the northeast to go to school, besides me. Now that I’m in Florida for two-thirds of the year, it’s hard to plan sleepovers and movie nights with my high school friends.


This is why I try to plan get-togethers during our winter and summer breaks, when no one has homework or clubs or school stress. Still, my high school friends are starting to branch out on their own paths, getting internships and staying in their college towns for Thanksgiving and spring breaks.


Since 2012, my close friends and I (about ten of us) would rent a hotel room at a resort called Steele Hill in northern New Hampshire. We’d relax by the pool and hot tub, play ping pong and Wii, and spend hours eating popcorn and brownies and discussing the latest Magic Mike movie or Taylor Swift music video. It was pretty much the epitome of girly-ness.


Steele Hill
My friends and I with Ben, our favorite canine who lives at Steele Hill.


This January, I wanted to make Steele Hill a priority. I would be staying in Tampa for spring break, and some of my friends weren’t coming home for the summer, so I felt the need to see everyone before we went off to our respective schools and other lives.


Some friends were returning to school early, so we only had five girls for the weekend adventure (which was a relief in terms of how many suitcases we could fit in one car). The trip was a blast, though, and it was great to reconnect with some of my best friends. The fresh snow provided a beautiful, wintery hike and the hot tub was a treasure after many months of having only a dorm room shower.


It was nice to reunite with high school friends and spend a relaxing weekend away from school and work stress. It turned out, that was one the only times I’d see them over break, as many of our schedules didn’t coincide. It’s getting more and more difficult to find a day and place that works for all of us, so I try to savor every lunch or bowling outing we can coordinate.


Whenever I come home from school and I’m missing my roommates and sorority sisters and beautiful Tampa area, it’s nice to know I have friends back home who are going through the same thing. Anyway, nothing’s better than chilling with a friend and reminiscing about “the old days” when food got stuck in your braces and you barfed in front of your whole chemistry class (twice).