“Liz, where do you want to eat?”

It was a Sunday afternoon and my grandparents were picking me up from the airport and bringing me to campus. They wanted to take me out to lunch first, but all the places I knew of were a popular Sunday brunch location, so the waits were over an hour.

“I don’t know, Grandma. All my usual restaurants are super crowded,” I sighed.

“I’m just going to drive until we see something,” my grandpa said, turning onto the main road.

I sighed and stared down Kennedy Boulevard. There were gas stations and banks to my left and right and I desperately searched for a restaurant. I was running on a pomegranate-strawberry smoothie from this morning before my flight, and I was beginning to lose my patience with my grandparents. I don’t do well with people when my stomach is empty.

“How about Firehouse Subs?” my grandma pointed at a small building between a tax refund service and a hair salon.

I recognized the name Firehouse Subs from my school’s sporting events, where restaurants and stores gave out free samples of their products to broke college students. The mini meatball sub I had tried at a basketball game was pretty good, and I could basically feel my stomach caving in on me.

“That’s fine with me,” I said.

Their menu offered a wide range of subs, from hot Hook & Ladder to the Momma’s Chicken Salad, which my grandmother ordered. Chopped salads, sides, and cookies were also available to order.

I chose the Turkey & Cranberry sub, minus the onions, and a bag of BBQ potato chips (I let myself splurge a bit with the chips but split the bag with my grandfather, who will never say no to food).

The bread was warm but not dry or burnt, as it sometimes is at Subway, and the turkey was tasty and piled high. The cranberry sauce was sweet (maybe a little too much) but went very well with the turkey and lettuce.

Overall, I’d give my sandwich three out of five stars. It was a perfect size for me, (therefore, it probably wouldn’t be big enough for a growing college guy), and the ingredients were tasty. I didn’t get a sense of freshness from it, but I can’t ask for too much from a fast-food type of restaurant. It was around $6 without tax, a little more pricey than a footlong at Subway, but about six inches in length.

There was a variety of hot sauces customers could put on their subs after they ordered, and although I didn’t try any, I liked the option. There was also a menu with sandwiches under 500 calories, a good option for customers trying not to overindulge on their lunch.

Service was fast, given there weren’t many people there, and the inside of the restaurant was clean and firehouse-themed.

I wouldn’t tell you to take your potential significant other out on a first date to Firehouse Subs, but if you’re looking to cater a party or need a tasty lunch on the go, I would recommend it.