You’ve just come back from a long run out on the trails and before you can slip off your sneakers, your stomach is growling. What’s that? You’re all out of choco-chunk protein bars and ready-to-go smoothie mixes? Have no fear, there’s a snack that will satisfy your hunger, soothe your tastebuds, and take no time at all.

  1. Scoop some of your favorite Greek yogurt (or regular yogurt, if you prefer) into a bowl. Greek yogurt is great post-workout because it’s packed with protein and probiotics. Plus, it’s delicious. My favorite is either vanilla or strawberry for this recipe.
  2. Slice up half a banana, and a couple strawberries if you have them, and either mix them into the yogurt or lay them on top (I like to see what I’m eating, so I usually just place them in an artsy pattern along the edge).
  3. Place one or two tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter in the middle of the bowl (I like Teddy peanut butter; it has fiber, vitamin E, and tastes like actual peanuts).

Greek yogurt and peanut butter together taste almost as good as ice cream (and yes, that’s coming from me, ice cream’s number one fan). The bananas and strawberries add those servings of fruit you may be struggling to fit into your meals elsewhere. They also make the snack taste like a sundae.

Start small, because this snack can be surprisingly filling (it can even be eaten for breakfast, especially with some granola added to the mix). Enjoy the delicious flavors of your well-prepared snack and feel proud of your stellar workout and nutritional choices!

pretty yogurt