The coffee is gone, there are two more hours until your lunch break, and that oatmeal you had for breakfast isn’t quite sustaining your rumbling tummy. Need a healthy pick-me-up snack? Here’s a tasty option:

Slice half an apple and half a pear and mix together in a container or plastic bag. Cut up 5 or 6 pieces of fresh ginger and mix it in with the apples and pears. Let this sit in the fridge overnight, and when you eat it the next day, your fruit will have a slight gingery taste. Cucumbers and apples are another good combo.

Ginger is a great addition to a snack or meal because of its beneficial properties. It’s known to soothe nausea and help fight off a cold. Ginger is also an inflammatory, so it can help with muscle soreness and osteoporosis, for those who are prone to it (osteoporosis is often passed down in families).

Apples are packed with fiber, which keeps me going until lunchtime, and pear adds a unique flavor to the combo. If you’re getting tired of apples and pears, though, try experimenting with other fruits and vegetables, like carrots and cucumbers or mango and nectarines.

Eating fruit for a mid-morning snack is a great way to re-energize and fit in your fruit servings each day. Plus, it gives your tastebuds a fun break from what can be a monotone work day.