Every college student knows that the school year can be a whirlwind of essays, flash cards, community service, and maybe some fun here or there. That’s why summer can be such a relief – you can actually SLEEP for once! But when you do want to get out of bed, yet still maintain a mellow mood, try some of these activities that you may not have time for during the school year:

Master a craft you enjoy making. This could be painting mason jars, perfecting friendship bracelets, or creating your own pottery. There are hundreds of pins and websites out there with instructions, as well as craft stores with employees that are dying to pass on their great span knowledge (trust me, I am an avid Michael’s Craft Store fan). Crafting is not only good for the soul, it also gives your brain a chance to get some creative juices flowing and forget about the rigorous school work you had during the long winter months.

Explore a local farmers’ market. For most of us, college equals cafeteria food. So during the summer, take the opportunity to visit the nearby farmers’ market and pick up fresh produce or a pretty flower bouquet. While you’re at it, try a new recipe and experience the joy of fresh, local food!

Upgrade your bedroom. Or bathroom. Slap a new coat of paint on the walls to give the room a new look, or try out some decorating ideas from the HGTV magazine you’ve bookmarked. A couple new pillows or accent pieces, along with some lantern lights or a new throw, can give the room a completely different look. If you want to save money, shop around for the best deals and visit Goodwill to find accessories that you can embellish or repaint yourself.

Try a new sport. Whether it’s basketball, biking, or longboarding, there’s no time like the summer to try a new outdoor activity that you wouldn’t normally have time for during the school year.

Read a book. A fun, easy read is great for the beach or before bedtime. I normally don’t read novels during the school year because I’m so overwhelmed with work, but in the summer I like to read outside and enjoy the sunshine while I forget that group projects even exist. One of my favorite activities (as nerdy as it sounds) is exploring local bookstores. Many have books that you normally wouldn’t find at a big chain bookstore, and some are adapted with cozy reading nooks and even cafes. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s interesting to explore a “how to take better photographs” or “making special smoothies” book (just some of my favorites). Bookstores are also great at helping you get a feel for what book you want to check out at the library (for free) without buying it.

So the next time you find yourself looking for something to do, but not quite wanting an invigorating adventure, try some of these activities at your own pace to relax your mind and liven up your summer.