As a pale New Englander, I have learned through past experiences that sunscreen is necessary on every beach day. Even after I’ve built up my “summer tan,” which still seems pretty white compared to most people, I get random spots of pink where I forget to put sunscreen. Whether you use SPF 8 or SPF 50, here are some spots that can easily get sunburned if you forget to apply sunscreen:

-Lips (they make lip balm specifically for this purpose)
-Ears (this can be painfully, especially if you accidentally brush the sunburn the next day when doing your hair)
-Hair part (a hat is a good solution)
-Neck/throat (the sun misses nothing)
-Hip, under the bathing suit strap (because we all knows that bathing suits move around)
-Chin (although it’s random, your chin is part of your face too and can easily be sunburnt on a summer day)

Remember: everyone should wear some kind of SPF when they spend time in the sun, even if it’s SPF 4, because skin cancer is very serious and your chances of developing it increase with every sunburn.