Food: most college students have it on their minds almost 24/7. It’s a priority, especially during those late nights when all you crave is mac n’ cheese or buffalo wings. But munching on cafeteria pizza every day or ordering Uber Eats can get unhealthy and expensive. That’s why there are apps to spark your creativity in the kitchen, help you save money at the liquor store, and learn about the best (and least expensive) restaurants around.I’ll feature the top seven this week. The best part is, the apps are all fit for a college budget (aka, they’re free).


This app is great for finding nearby restaurants, complete with customer ratings and tips. The app divides restaurants into breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee & tea, nightlife, and things to do. It even keeps a history of places you’ve visited in case you want to go back or recommend them to a friend. Users have the ability to link the app to their Facebook or email so they can follow friends and foodie experts to see what establishments they suggest.

“I think that [Foursquare] is especially useful when you are traveling and want to know what to visit or where to get something delicious to eat,” said Renee Levie Budak, a Foursquare user. “I especially like that the recommendations come from real people who have had real experiences at that restaurant, event or museum, etc. I also like that I can view a menu, make a reservation through Open Table, get a ride with Uber, or just get directions with Google Maps.”


Foursquare Labs, Inc., the creator of the app, claims there are no reviews from businesses trying to promote themselves or long rants from unsatisfied customers. With Foursquare, you can rate the places you’ve been to and which menu items you enjoyed so the app can recommend other restaurants that would be a good fit for you. The app also lets you create a list of restaurants and bars in the area you want to visit. There are hundreds of tips from food aficionados about special menu items, wifi passwords, and even speakeasy entrances.

When searching for a dinner place in Tampa, a list of restaurants with their closing times and average score on a ten-point scale appears. Several of the places on the Tampa dinner list include Boca, Mise en Place, Edison Food and Drink Lab, and Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar. Users can click on a map to see the different restaurant locations. You can also apply filters such as relevance, distance, rating, and price, which can be very useful if you’re trying to stay under-budget. The app will also let you know if the restaurant delivers, allows dogs, has happy hour, or is within walking distance.