Tastemade could be described as a cookbook on social media. The app features TV series about food, recipe videos, and cooking classes. For people who are visual learners, Tastemade is ideal because there are dozens of videos to watch that will teach you exactly how to make a meal. Users can browse recipes by cuisine, ingredients, and more, and are able to save their favorite recipes to come back to later.

One of the shows featured on the app is called Sweet AF, which is described as “sweet recipes and sexy food porn guaranteed to satisfy even the most bizarre cravings.” Another is The Grill Iron, which travels to different colleges and tries out their famous tailgating recipes. Several of the fall-themed recipes include apple cider donuts, pumpkin French toast, and caramel apple ginger root beer float. The app is aesthetically pleasing, contains lots of content, and is as easy as scrolling through Facebook (and possibly as addicting, too).