This app is useful for anyone who buys alcohol. On the home screen, Bevrage features certain alcoholic beverages, such as 1.75 liters of Captain Morgan rum or a bottle of Los Vascos wine, along with a redeem amount, such as $2. Users who purchase the featured alcohol can scan their receipts into the app and receive a deposit onto their account. One example of this is that users can earn $4 for buying a 1.75 liter handle of Stolichnaya vodka or earn $2 on a bottle of tequila. Once your account reaches $20, it will reset and you will be mailed a check within two weeks.

The same process works for happy hours. Users can earn $1 for any shot of cinnamon whiskey or $3 on a Pura Vida tequila cocktail. Offers change periodically. For all the money college students spend on alcohol, it’s a bit of a relief to find a way to get some of it back.

“If you want to earn money for drinking, this is the best there is,” said user Jasinhollis on the app’s review page.