In need of a quickie? A quick workout, that is –

Try this HIIT workout, doing each exercise for 30 seconds with little to no rest in between. Do each set three times in a row, then move on to the next set. Take a 30 to 60 second break between each set.

Set 1:

Exercise 1: push ups. Exercise 2: squat jumps. Exercise 3: Russian twists with 10 to 16 pound weight.

Set 2:

Exercise 1: plank jacks with push up in between. Exercise 2: mountain climber with a twist. Exercise 3: bicycle.

Set 3:

Exercise 1: plank rows with six to 12 pound weights. Exercise 2: skaters (hold a 10 pound weight if you want to make it more difficult). Exercise 3: single-leg glute bridge.

Remember: HIIT workouts are effective because they involve going all-out during each exercise, for the full 30 seconds. So, keep working hard until the break, and if you need to catch your breath or get some water, give yourself an extra 15 seconds rather than doing the next exercise poorly.