Looking for some vegetation for your dorm room that won’t die when you forget to water it all week? Succulents are the way to go. These cute plant buddies only need watering once a week or every other week.

They may be small, but a succulent adds a pop of green to what may be a dull cinderblock dorm room. Succulents come in many varieties and there are thousands cute pots to plant them in. Check out these creative pots on Etsy, or make your own.

Make sure to plant your succulent in a pot with holes in the bottom so water can drain. When you bring your little baby home, give it a good dousing of water so the soil is wet to the core and water starts to spill through the drainage holes in the pot. After a week, check to see if the soil is still moist. If it is, wait another week to water. Smaller pots may need to be watered more often because they can’t hold as much water as larger pots.

Succulents need more water in the spring, when they first start growing, than they do in the summer or winter. They’re very durable and can usually survive a plane ride from school to home (if packaged carefully in a carry-on bag).

For more information on how to take care of your succulent, read this Better Homes & Gardens article.